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If you are reading this, you must be part of an incredible project or company that could benefit from a keen visual professional. My name is Brooke, and I can help. I create engaging websites, eye-catching physical marketing materials (that's posters, flyers, brochures, and beyond), and cohesive social media assets that go "beyond the logo". At 25-years-old, I have been working in this industry for over five years, from working freelance for the blind community to collaborating in boardrooms with other creative professionals. Everything I do is done with the intention of maximizing engagement and aesthetic appeal to a target audience. It's my passion!

As a media professional, I have worked with many businesses to optimize their virtual and visual presence. I am proud to have worked with FLX Charters, Wakesurf Florida, The Keuka Boardroom, and Unishim.

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There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.

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